Live review: Thank Fuck For Metal

These 5 guys owned the stage, this was the first time I had heard them and the only thing I could think was how? How have I not heard them before! There was no gimmicks just damn good heavy metal. I would suggest going to see Stormzone as soon as you can and if you can’t wait that long then buy their new album Three Kings. To top it all off I sat in on the interview with them and there was no big egos, just a group of down to earth guys who have problem having a good laugh. (Best interview of the weekend)

Rating: 9/10

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5 Dec 2013

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Tour Dates

  • Ice Rock 2019

    Date: TBA
    Location: Wasen, Switzerland

  • Full Metal Festival

    Date: 16 March 2019
    Location: Osthessen , Germany

Lucifer's Factory

Lucifer's Factory

The new album from Stormzone, available April 2018 from Metal Nation Records.

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