Seven Sins video countdown - Master Of Sorrow

Day 11, and the penultimate 'story behind the song', the 'Master Of Sorrow'. This isn't exactly what you would first imagine. Dr Dealer is, indeed, quite capable of ensuring that those he finds guilty of cruely and neglect towards poor beings deserving of maximum love and attention will end up ultimately regreting their treatment of their 'cursed' offspring. But his various missions in life also find him rewarding good people who he discoveres are quite the opposite to those capable of harming without concience. He really can master their sorrow, but remove it as much as to ensure that cruel people inevitably feel it! There's always a small price to pay. He is, after all, a business man and has, himself, to answer to a particularly demanding boss! But his adventures are as much about hope as they are about despair, and in mastering the sorrow of those decent people he comes across, he feels a much different kind of pleasure to that which he experiences when faced with 'dealing' out his version of deadly justice. He is, indeed, the true 'Master Of Sorrow'.

1 Aug 2015

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