News: Seven Sins video countdown starts 22nd July

The Seven Sins storyline is a little darker, deeper and more extensive than can be portrayed in full within the lyrics of of the songs on the new album. So in an effort to do the whole adventure further justice and, at the same time, hopefully get you to know better some of the actual interesting characters involved, we have created a series of atmospheric track-by-track videos, one for each song, which will allow you to delve deeper into what the Seven Sins theme is all about.

Tomorrow begins a 12 day run-up to the album's official release, and each day, in order of the songs appearance on the CD, a new video will be released to describe that track, completed then by a chance to hear the song. We think it's a very unique way of giving people a better insight into the mind behind the lyrics, expanding the Seven Sins universe and allowing you to understand a bigger, clearer picture.

So tune in from July 22nd onwards when it all kicks off with track one from the album, and, if you dare, come and get introduced to 'Bathsheba'!

21 Jul 2015

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